20 June, 2016


It's a bit hard to think of sitting down and writing a blog post encompassing our time away. I had a lot of moments while we were gone where I found myself wondering How can I ever write about this? 

This holiday came as such a breath of fresh air, as they usually do, don't they? Peter spent the past six months working or studying seven days a week in preparation for taking the CFA. We kept pushing forward with the promise of quiet and calm at the end of the tunnel. The children endured a lot of days without their Papa. Somedays it seemed it would never come, but each day we prayed for grace and purposed to be intentional about what time we did find together, and intentional wherever we were-- in the office, at home, having dinner alone, studying on a Sunday afternoon. 

And I look back at that season, so long, but so seemingly so long ago, and I can't even believe we are through it. I see God's gentle hand guiding us through every single day of it and I'm just in awe. 

His goodness to us-- the wicked, his grace to us-- the unworthy, his faithfulness to us-- the faithless.

This time away was peaceful and rejuvenating, we all bonded a little bit more and built our relationships a little bit stronger. We unashamedly consumed far too much gelato and came home with bronzed skin and sun-streaked hair. There was laughter and snuggles and living slowly and loving deeply.

I just love that we can so clearly see how much joy God finds in beauty and how He delights in delighting us. I mean-- look at these mountains! These photos are treasures to all of us.