New Year's Eve '09 I married the love of my life. We're a midwestern American guy and girl that fell in love with Great Britain while living for four years in St Andrews, Scotland. Currently we're raising our three Scottish-born children (Sebastian, 3; Katharina, 3; Philippa, 2) in London.

I love chocolate, cheese, and treasure hunting in charity shops. I'm passionate about nutrition and natural medicine and in my quiet time I write, bake and rearrange furniture.

How old are you? 23.

How old is Peter? He's 28.

One humble tip for a marriage? Communication. Peter and I strive to over-communicate and have zero secrets. We try to keep our marriage real. We argue and disagree, but purpose to resolve things before we go to sleep each night.

Will you have more children? We get this question a lot, both being from big families. And we'll see. We both love children and have no intention of stopping at three, but are always open to plans changing.

Do twins run in your family? Yes, all over in mine. We joke that I told Peter how high our odds of having twins were after we got married.

What brought you to Scotland? Peter was studying at the University of St Andrews.

What are some of your favourite day-to-day products? Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. We all use multiple oils every day and never leave home without using them. Also raw, organic, food-grade coconut oil. We eat it and lather it head-to-toe. And raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. If you're wondering if the latter two are good for something, the answer is most likely yes.

Do you ever get out of the house? Absolutely. Very often, although it typically takes a few extra minutes to leave if the littles are in tow.

Do you sleep? Yes, actually. 9 hours a night is what I function best on. Anything less and I like to nap before a dinner party.

Do your littles sleep well? Thankfully, yes. We worked hard to teach them to love sleep and self-soothe from a young age. They slept 8 hours a night at 8, 9 and 5 weeks of age.

What is your parenting secret? Lots of love, consistent discipline and Baby Wise.

How do you pronounce your daughters' names: Kat-er-ina and Phil-i-puh.

Do your twins play well together? For hours. They're best friends. They share food, pacifiers and kisses and often we have to search for them, only to find them sitting in a laundry basket or climbing boxes together.

Is your house pretty chaotic? We like to say we live a life of organised chaos. Neither of us like a whole lot of structure, but a small amount is necessary to make it to events and ensure dinner will be on the table. We function better flying by the seat of our pants with structured spontaneity; strict schedules and appointments on the calendar weeks in advance stress me out.


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